The Power of Meditation

Training the mind, feeding the spirit.

Meditation has been proven to help with 

- anxiety and depression

- sleep problems

- focus and concentration 

- healing the physical body

- overal peace of mind 

- and so much more! 

Science has proven again and again that a consistent meditation practice will actually change the patterns of your brain waves. Instead of living in a chaotic state of confusion, meditation can increase the alpha and gamma waves of the brain resulting in a focused sense of calm, eliminating overwhelm and frustration from your daily life. 

In this 4 week course, Catreeana gently guides you through daily meditations, creating a clear and easy to follow path to inner calm. 

What You'll Learn In This Course

  • the effects of conscious breathing on the body and mind

  • visualisation to support peace and ease

  • short breathing tools that can be used daily

  • expand and understand your body awareness

  • the power of intention

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome from Catreeana

    • What are Week One's Meditations About?

    • Morning Meditation Week One

    • Evening Meditation Week one

  • 2

    Week Two Meditation Bootcamp

    • What are Week Two's Meditations About?

  • 3

    Week Three Meditation Bootcamp

    • What are Week Three's Meditations About?

    • Week 3 Morning Meditation

    • Week 3 Evening Meditation

  • 4

    Week Four Meditation Bootcamp

    • What are Week Four's Meditations About?

    • Week Four Morning Meditation

    • Week Four Evening Meditation Is Here

Course Details

  • Duration:

    Expect to spend about 20 minutes a day in meditation and mindfulness

  • Delivery:

    Two daily video meditations, journaling prompts and exercises

  • Dates:

    Four weeks from the date you enroll

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